2016-2017 Financial Information

The donations of Churches and the generosity of Liberian and American Christians provide funds to help students receive quality professional training at a cost less than that charged by many institutions in Liberia. LICC strives to help every student receive the best education and training he or she desires at an affordable cost.

Tuition and Fees

All amounts are USD per semester. All fees are non-refundable.

Registration $25.00
Health Services $15.00
Breakage $10.00
Library $15.00
Student Activities $15.00
Student Handbook $5.00
Internet Access $10.00
Yearly ID Card $10.00
Subtotal $105.00
Computers $25.00
Agriculture $10.00
PE Shirt $5.00
Year One $135.00
Year One Agriculture Only $145.00
Year Two $105.00
Year Two Agriculture Only $115.00

Other Fees

Entrance $10.00
Late Entrance $15.00
Application form $10.00
Late Registration $20.00
Re-admission $5.00
Per course audit $15.00
Remediation Fee $25.00

Tuition and Fees Payment Plan

Payment Amount Due When Due
Down Payment 60% plus all fees At registration
Second Payment 20% 2 weeks before classes start
Third and Final Payment 20% 2 weeks after classes start

Monetary Conversions

The exchange rate of the United States dollar to the Liberian dollar fluctuates and varies from Monrovia to rural counties. Therefore, all fees listed are in United States dollars. The equivalent exchange rate in any fee may be accepted in the Liberian dollar if the rate in effect at the time is authorized by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Liberia.

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