Vision Statement

We envision a school that sustains itself with deep, long-term relationships in a diverse global community of its administration, faculty, students, alumni, and global partners.

Mission Statement

We equip people with the knowledge to serve Christ and to build their nations.

Core Values

Comprehensive Biblical Education. We are called to provide a holistic learning experience for life, beginning with the mind and including a comprehensive discipleship that result in an effective witness for Christ. We seek to nurture students to become spiritually mature and biblically informed persons who make well-reasoned and wise intellectual and moral judgments, thereby equipping and motivating them to tackle real-world problems. 2 Timothy 3:15-17

Faculty and Staffing. We seek committed Christian faculty and staff members who strive to grow continuously in their faith and Christian perspective on learning, who demonstrate effective teaching skills, who commit themselves to foster the total development of students as individuals, and who practice scholarship as a contribution to the education of a larger constituency. 1 Timothy 3:2-12, Titus 1:6-9

Christ-Centered Community. We are called to model Christ-centeredness in all that we do. The way we treat people should be consistent with the morals, justice, compassion, humility, and love of our Lord. We seek to reflect the richness of his people drawn from “every tribe, tongue and nation;” and, the importance of collective efforts of believers regardless of racial or tribal affiliations in achieving results. Interaction with students should both reflect an attitude of service to them as individuals and take advantage of opportunities for mentoring and modeling and personal development. Acts 2:44-47, 1 Corinthians 12:4-30, John 13:12-17

Church Connectedness. We are called to serve the Church because we believe that the Church is God's central vehicle to accomplish his work in the world. Our vision for serving the Church is a global vision, just as God's vision for his Church is global. A particular value affecting Liberian International Christian College work is to identify and meet the educational needs of the Christian Church. Matthew 28:19

Cultural Engagement. We seek to bring faith, life, and learning to bear on the issues facing our culture. Our perspective is one of engagement with culture from a Christ-centered and biblically rooted foundation. We are committed to high standards of research, scholarship, thinking, and living as a means of preparing students to engage the world and to respond honestly and earnestly to those in a multiethnic society. Acts 17:22-31

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